Green Bay Press Gazette (WI): Log trucks can haul on some stretches of Wisconsin interstates. How a federal bill could expand access.

“We all know the basic science behind weight,” said Steven Casstevens, who serves on the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks’ law enforcement board. “The heavier the truck, the longer the stopping distance.”

“We’re not opposed to trucks,” Roseberry said. “… Everybody would agree they’re vital to the economy and keeping everything going. The question is … at what weight should these things continue to operate?”

The Safe Routes Act is not limited to Wisconsin, but would have nationwide effects, and Roseberry said he worries about a “piecemeal approach.” The bill is also not unique, Chase said, in that other industries and special interests have also sought exemptions.

If log trucks are allowed greater access to interstates, Chase said, then the question becomes “where do you stop” with different commodities and weights. It’s a “whack-a-mole game,” she said, fending off one-off exemptions.


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