11 Alive (GA): Truckers voice concerns over proposed bill allowing heavier 18-wheelers on Georgia roads

“I think 80,000 pounds is enough on the road to be honest with you. 88,000? I don’t know man. Because it’s hard enough with what we have already,” truck driver Jackson Webster said.

The 10-year driver said rolling a truck with extra weight is fine. The problem is stopping the heavier truck.

“It is harder to stop the heavier it is. I mean of course. Sometimes I’ve got to stomp on the brakes real hard because a car just got in the way,” added Xavier Taylor, a three-year driver.

Drivers said they would have to adapt even more if the state allows 8,000 extra pounds on big trucks.

“It does take longer to stop. And you’re going to add another eight thousand pounds? I don’t know,” Webster said.

Georgia Department of Transportation’s Russell McMurry told lawmakers in February bigger trucks would tear up roads and bridges much faster, estimating it would cost the state millions in road repairs.  The bill narrowly passed the House this week and now goes to the Senate.

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