The Oklahoman: Local sheriff against bigger truck loads pleads with Congress

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.Semi trucks with larger, heavier loads would endanger Oklahoma roads and drivers, Payne County Sheriff R.B. Hauf told members of Congress last week.

The issue has popped up as the U.S. House prepares the federal spending bill. Members of the House Committee on Appropriations will go through the bill on Wednesday, considering amendments in a process known as markup. Hauf is just one of hundreds of local officials who are fighting against the proposal.

Some of the nation’s largest freight carriers want Congress to require states to increase size and weight limits on double-trailer trucks. The proposal would allow each of the tandem trailers to be up to 33 feet long. The commonly used single trailer is about 53 feet long.

“Heavier and longer trucks mean higher safety risks for Oklahoma motorists and first responders alike,” Hauf said. “Having firsthand knowledge of what happens with bigger trucks, I know this is a bad idea.”

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