Sheriff & Deputy Magazine: Help Stop Bigger Tractor-Trailers

WASHINGTON (July/Aug. 2016)—Putnam County (N.Y.) Sheriff Don Smith wrote an article published in Sheriff & Deputy magazine, formerly called Sheriff magazine, that highlights his opposition to longer and heavier trucks.

“I wrote a piece published in Sheriff magazine early last year about law enforcement’s numerous concerns with longer and heavier tractor-trailers, and how a handful of special interests on Capitol Hill want to unleash them onto our nation’s highways. Here’s the good news: Congress rejected several attempts to push through bigger-truck legislation in late 2015. One bill would have increased the national truck weight limit from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds, and other legislation called for allowing double-trailer trucks 91 feet in length.

“Now for the bad news: These same powerful companies show no sign of backing down until they get their way.”

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